Managing Director, Sales - Net Zero Enterprises

Managing Director, Sales - Net Zero Enterprises
We are looking for an experienced Managing Director to join our sales force of selling equity investments in our Net Zero Enterprises developed projects, either directly or through our holding companies. The right candidate will have the availability to represent our full project portfolio and to be involved in a revolutionary way of Clean Tech assets that are being developed to reach strong multiples in valuation and profit levels, while still representing a low risk profile.
Every asset and investment opportunity will generate both a dividend as well as an increased enterprise value to the investor. This position will require the understanding of the full sales process from lead generation to sales closing.
The ideal candidate has a strong experience in sales and business development and can provide a documented strong track record of closed sales. The candidate should also have the characteristics of being Driven, Autonomous, Master (or desire to) their trade, Professional, and have a Passion for what they are doing.
This position will either be based at our HQ in San Diego, CA, or the right candidate can work from anywhere in the U.S, Canada or International.
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